Nancy Platts Takes a Dangerous Populist Turn

Nancy Platts helps no-one by over-stepping the line from vigorous campaigning to populist attacks on officials.

Last week, current Brighton and Hove City Council Leader Nancy Platts wrote a piece on opposition to the forced academisation of Moulsecoomb Primary School.  Carried in both Brighton & Hove News and Brighton & Hove Independent,  she mixes a laudable concern that the voice of the local community be heard with a nasty populist attack on the civil servants involved in the process.  This is a dangerous path to venture down, especially in our current toxically populist political environment in which the Institute for Government has found ‘an unprecedented rise in the number of political attacks on civil servants’.

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Perilous Prognostification? Updated Prediction for Brighton and Hove City Council Elections in May 2019

Brighton Politics Blogger is back in the saddle, sort of predicting the results of the local elections in Brighton and Hove in a couple of weeks.

I agree with the overall thrust – I think it unlikely that there will be a majority administration.  I don’t get a sense that anyone who is not already a committed supporter or member is feeling anything positive about either Labour or Tories as parties at the moment.  Nationally the two main parties are commanding dwindling support, with both parties losing the support of many of their 2017 General election voters. I see no reason to think this is any different locally, and plenty of anecdotal evidence of disaffected members in both.   

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Compass and the Progressive Alliance

Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass, has written an open letter of advice to the Green Party, much of which discusses the concept and practicalities of a ‘progressive alliance’ – the increasingly popular idea that some form of pact should be made between the ‘progressive’, non-Tory parties in the UK.  This should be of interest to all in Labour as Compass has been a focal point for this concept, since its own shift from being a Labour party grouping to one open to members of other parties. This culminated in Compass running the vote-swap website in the 2015 election which ‘traded’ votes between Labour and Green voters in areas of supposed electoral strength for each.  (A useful overview of their strategy going forward is here.) Continue reading “Compass and the Progressive Alliance”