John Norman’s Gor – September Reading Review

I’ve started a few books this month, but only finished the first three of John Norman’s Gor series.  The series is (in)famous for its sexual politics and the philosophy underpinning them.  I read them having been pulled into a nostalgic reverie on my adolescent fantasy and sci-fi reading habits by the remake of Predator (my mind moving from Predator to Conan, to the books I was inspired to read by a slightly older, similarly fantasy oriented boy).  I never read the Gor books then, but remembered them from their covers and decided to immerse myself (one needs an excuse to have done so…).

  • Tarnsman of Gor – John Norman (1966)
  • Outlaw of Gor – John Norman (1967)
  • Priest Kings of Gor – John Norman (1968)

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Undistract Yourself (To Save the World): August Reading Review

Shropshire 2
I work in an open plan office and, until about three weeks ago, spent a lot of time checking Facebook and Twitter.  I hate both of these things: spending too long trying to work at my desk makes me irritable, even angry, and the social media scrolling left me miserable and frustrated. The three books I read in August address this fragmented mental environment from different perspectives.

  • Cal Newport, Deep Work (2016)
  • Jaron Lanier, Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now (2018)
  • Arnold Bennett, How to Live on 24 Hours a Day (1908)

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