July 2018 Reading Review

IMG_9593Three reviews this month; one very brief.  Despite the brief review it is The Rings of Saturn has had the greatest effect as on me as this prolonged heatwave bears down on us in Brighton, and I start to wonder what the English seasons and landscape will look and feel like as our climate changes (the picture is of an arid Preston Park in Brighton, taken mid-July).

  • W.G. Sebald – The Rings of Saturn (1998)
  • Sven Lindqvist – A History of Bombing (2001)
  • Jarod Lanier – You Are Not A Gadget (2011)

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George Moody Candidate Statement – Preston Park Labour Shortlisting

George Moodycandidate picture 1

Campaigns Officer, Preston Park

 We must harness the vision, creativity and energy of a rejuvenated party, unapologetically committed to socialist values, to transform our city.

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Review: Kill All Normies, by Angela Nagle

kill all normiesKill All Normies
by Angela Nagle
This short book was highly timely when it was published (June 2017), but this seems to have come at some cost.  The book is unfinished – it has none of the referencing apparatus it requires, it doesn’t appear to have been proof read, it is fragmentary and has real problems of cohesion, and has clearly been rushed for publication.   Whether this cost still seems worth it a year on is debatable. Continue reading “Review: Kill All Normies, by Angela Nagle”